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Coop - 05c: Tanya's Tale
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Rescue Tanya

Once disguised, your spy can move past any enemy unit, except dogs, without being detected. Direct him into the weapons factory located at a nearby Soviet Base where he will hijack a truck and free Tanya.

With Tanya's help, take out the air defenses on the island and a Chinook will arrive to rescue her.

Then destroy all remaining Soviet buildings and units.

Coop Information:
Every player starts with their own spy.
Only one spy needs to infiltrate the War Factory.
After infiltrating the Prison, every player gets their own Tanya.
When the SAMs are destroyed, all Tanyas need to board the Chopper to progress the mission.
The then coming reinforcements are split evenly.
To have a fighting chance, its highly recommended to capture the Soviet Construction yard near the landing zone.
Once a player captured the yard, it gets turned over to Player 1, and all other players get their own Soviet MCV.
Building space is a bit limited, but there are some good spots for the extra players to start their own base, for this its probably best played with 4 or less players.

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Comments for revision 1:
Gandorques commented on April 1, 2024, 6:39 p.m.

Part of my series of 6 Player Coop Conversions of the Campaign Maps, and my lifelong goal to add coop mode to every single player campaign I can edit. :-D

-All maps can be played with 1-6 Players (You can still play solo, but benefit from the extra options described later)

-On Standard Settings, nothing is changed that would balance out the changed difficulty that amount of players brings.

-The first Player Slot (Blue) is required to be filled, all other players can pick the slot with their colour of preference.

-You can add Bots for any slot except Player 1 if you like, but they go for total destruction and have no sense of self preservation.

-Regular starting and reinforcement Units are spread roughly even among the players.

-In Missions with Hero Units (like Tanya) everyone gets their own Hero unit.

-In Missions with MCVs, everyone gets their own MCV.

-In Missions with Pre-Built Bases, the Coop Players get their own MCV.

-Objectives are synchronized, if a player loses all their units, or fails a objective, all players lose.

Things you need to keep in mind:
-Mission Briefing Videos are played at the beginning of missions that have them. While the videos are watched, the game is paused. When a single player decides to skip the full screen video, the mission already begins while the other still watch the cutscene. So only skip when all players agree too. I may create some host options to better manage this in later revisions.

-Most of the shorter CGI Opening Videos are played in the Radar screen while the mission already starts.

-The amount building space is unchanged and in some missions quite limited, so plan and communicate with your fellow players when you build your base. To migitate the issue, building around allied construction yards is turned on, so you cant get totally walled in.

-On standard settings, the amount of Ore and Gems is very limited and sometimes not endless on many maps.

-The player colours are currently pre-defined. This is a workaround solution. I´d really like for the coop players to be able to use the colour picker, but the campaign palletes override anything you set up. And anything I tried to get rid of the campaign palletes led to the maps crashing on load or not being loadable at all. So I instead expanded the campaign palletes file manually and assigned the palletes of different countries to the Coop players. If anyone with more knowledge of the games inner workings has a solution to fix this, feel free to contact me.

-To balance out the higher amount of players, you can adjust your handicap and mission difficulty like normal, but I added some other options aswell. All of these are turned off by default.

-Enemy Starting Unit Multiplier: Gives the enemy a multiple of every unit they already have at the beginning of the map.

-Enemy Production Multiplier: Gives the enemy a multiple of every land and sea combat unit they produce instantly for free.

-Use those multipliers with caution (or recklessly :-D ) at your own risk, as the difficulty can snowball against you very quickly. Using higher values will affect the game performance, but I can say that the engine still somehow manages to work, even with multipliers set to x100.

-Extra Ore Mines: Many missions have zero or just a few ore mines, so multiple players will gather up the ressources very quickly. If you turn this option on, ore or gem mines are added to all ressource patches that usually have none to counteract this issue.

Known Bugs and issues:
I did some testing by myself with either Bots or multiple game instances and discovered no major unfixed bugs yet (that I didnt already fix).
But I´m sure there could be bugs that I alone could not find.
If you run into a issue, please contact me.

1. Finish converting all available allied campaign missions.
2. Convert all available soviet campaign missions
3. Convert all available Tiberian Dawn Missions.
4. If I still have any motivation left by that point, convert every available Expansion Pack mission, maybe even Dune 2000 if I feel like it.

Feel free to contact me with bug reports, feedback and feature requests:
Discord: gandorqueshikla

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Apr. 02 - 2024

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