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What is this website about?

This website has been created to provide OpenRA community a place to share files related to this game such as:

  • Maps (standard, advanced, modded and missions)

Why am I obliged to upload my map on this website?

If you created a new map and want to play it with other players, you just have to:

  • Upload it on this website
  • Create a new game or join any public server and select your new map
  • Other players will automatically download the map joining your server

What are the rules regarding what I can upload on the site?

  • We ask you to upload only OpenRA related files
  • You are not allowed to steal someone else's work and publish it here under your name
  • If you upload someone else's work, make sure you have his/her written permission to do this
  • You are responsible for everything you upload on this website

How can I report a Copyright infringement?

Go to the page where you saw the file and click on the link "Report Copyright Infringement" or contact us at OpenRA IRC channel

How can I create a map?

You can find tutorials & documentation at OpenRA wiki page:

How to create a SHP unit?

You can find a tutorial on this page:

I noticed an issue on this website or I have an idea.
How do I contact maintainer?

Please use bug tracker or contact ihptru at #openra IRC channel on Freenode.