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Hatchet (UN5)
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Using Unano's custom rules version 5 (UN5).

A complete rework of a lot of the rules to make it feel more like the original game. I'm not trying to exactly reproduce how the original game played, I'm trying to find good gameplay nearer to the original game.

Key changes:
> Unit stats are different.
> Tech tree is completely different.
> Tiberium gets mined out quicker.
> Helipads come with an Orca/Apache, but they need to return to rearm.
> Nod's Mobile SAM has been changed back to the SSM Launcher.
> GDI's Rocket Launcher can shoot air.
> GDI's APC is no longer AA, but just a normal APC.
> Excess Tiberium is wasted, instead of harvesters waiting for space.
> Engineers immediately capture tech structures regardless of owner.
> Engineers external capture base structures.

> A lot of units open up with the War Factory / Airstrip.
> Mammoth Tanks only require a Service Depot.
> Stealth Tanks only require a Comm Centre.
> The MCV moves quite quickly.
> Be prepared to move sooner than usual as Tiberium gets used up quickly.
> Silos can store 3000 and can help prevent wasted Tiberium.

Version 1:
> The order that building and units become available.
> Unit vision is generally reduced.
> Eco is generally harder (any excess tiberian mined is just wasted).
> Lots of unit damage and range differences.
> Helipads come with an Apache or Orca, which need to return to rearm.

Version 2:
> Increased income per load by 25%, but decreased output from tib trees by the same. This should give similar overall eco, but it gets harvested faster, so there's a quicker burst at the start.
> Increased Construction Yard HP from 40 to 200 as it getting 1 hitted by an ion cannon wasn't right. Nukes still 1 hit, but you get time to move.
> Fixed a problem with infantry not attack moving properly (ScanRadius).
> Increased the vision range of Orcas and Apaches from 4c512 to 8c512 to allow scouting as vision was a problem (no FoW in original game).

Version 3:
> Added a delay to mammoth tusk missiles.
> Buggies, Bikes, Humvees and APC spawn a minigunner when they die.
> Harvester and MCV husts stay around a lot longer (3:30 approx).
> Delay before second missile in MLRS to be truer to original and sound cooler.
> APC now only shoots from the front only.
> Tech structures are instantly captured by engineers regardless of owner.
> Other structures engineers external capture.
> Biolab just gives infantry tiberian immunity (no production).
> Updated the SSM Launchers build image to the original one with the correct text.
> SSM Launcher rockets now have a napalm effect where they hit.
> Sped up the Nod drop plane slightly and removed the contrails.
> Increased all vehicle vision ranges to be at least 4c512 and infantry 3c512.
> Increased Apache and Orca vision to 9c512.
> Increased output of tib trees slightly.
> Improved the spawn position of the Orca/Apache that comes with helipad slightly.
> Reduced the cost of most infantry by 50% (very experimental).
> Grenadiers drop a granade on death 50% of the time.
> Flamers burst into flames on death 50% of the time.
> Walls can now be built 7 cells out instead of 4, but their build time is 250% normal for their cost.

Version 4:
> Increased Minigunner, Flamer, Chem Trooper and Flame Tank range from 2c0 to 3c0.
> Decreased Refinary cost from 2k to 1.2k.
> Decreased harvester cost from 1.4k to 1k.
> Increased MCV movement speed from 60 to 90.

Version 5:
> Increased the cost of infantry that were reduced before to be 75% original cost.
> Upped silo capacity to 3000 from 1500.
> Changed the default stance of Orcas and Apaches to hold fire.

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