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Desert Warfare
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Custom Rules:
- Mig can attack air.
- Turrets are a bit more powerful.
- Rifle Infantries are now Allied only and fire one bullet a time.
- Rocket Soldiers are now Allied only.
- Minigunners replaces Rifle Infantries for Soviets. Russians has better version of them named Conscript. Minigunners cost $125, Conscripts cost $135.
- Flak Trooper replaces Rocket Soldiers for Soviets. They fire like Flak Tracks and cost $275.
- Soviet Engineers now cost $600.
- Allied Engineers now enters the building to capture as in TD. It uses TD Engineer Cameo and costs $400.
- Grenadiers are Allied Unit, requires Turret, has less explosion damage and costs $200.
- FlameThrowers also explode like Grenadiers.
- French can build Fake Gap Generator.
- MCVs and Mammoths can crush Kennel, Spy Outpost, PillBoxes, Brick Wall, Flame Turret, Silo, Ranger, Light Tank, Mobile Gap Gen., V2, Artillery, Mobile Flak, Supply Truck and Demo. Truck.
- Medics require Hospital, buildable by both sides and able to Self-Heal.
- Allied Spy Outpost, a counterpart of Soviet Kennel. Unlike Kennel, it requires Barracks to be built first and costs more(225 compared to 100). Artwork by CombinE.
- Spies are built from Spy Outposts. They no longer require Radar Dome.
- Tech Power Plant.
- Tech Cloning Vats.
- Zombies are cheaper but has less HP.
- Ants are expensiver and has less HP but better armor.
- Ants has vehicle passenger class. They can only enter naval transports.
- Commando; buildable by both sides when captures Technology Center on middle of map. Has sniper rifle and C4.
- Volkov; buildable by both sides when captures Forward Command on middle of map. Has AP Gun. Chronoshift and Iron Curtainable.
- Added GiveUnit crate powerup with Mobile Flak.
- Large Squad Crate Powerups contains 3 E1, 2 E2/4, 2 E3 and 1 E6.
- Added Carryall to Soviets. Available directly after Airfield as it is a counterpart of Chinook.
- Added ParaTanks for Allies, available after Helipad. It drops 2 Light Tanks and 1 Ranger. Has same recharge time with Paratroopers.
- Britain can build Snipers.
- Phase Transport can be built by all Allies.
- France can build Grand Turret. They are like Grand Cannons from RA2 but not that much OP and has build limit of 1. They requires Tech Center to be built.
- Mobile Gap Generator can be built by all Allies.
- Germany can build Tank Destroyers. They are like RA2 ones. Artwork and Fire Sound by Nooze.
- Chrono Tank can be built by all Allies.
- Russia can build Stalin's Fist. A Mobile War Factory. Has Build Limit of 1.
- Tesla Tank can be built by all Soviets.
- Russia can train Conscripts instead of Rifleman which is more powerfull version of them.
- Shock Trooper can be trained by all Soviets.
- Ukraine can build Flame Tanks. Not much different than ones that Nod has in TD.
- Parabombs can be called by all soviets.
- Ukraine can build Double V2 Launcher instead of V2 Launcher.
- Demo Truck can be build by both sides after Missile Silo as in Original.

Note: I'll add more new special units and make orginal (CS-AM ones) available of everyone.

Note 2: With the recent Spy change, i was planning to make Spies unable to Infiltrate until Player builds Radar, in other hand Dogs get a reveal range increase with Radar. But both "Infiltrates:" and "RevealsShourd:" tags are currently unupgradeable, this will probably be done in later releases.

Changelog (from the Constest Version):
- Fixed that some bottom tech buildings was owned by Creeps instead of Neutral.

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Comments for revision 4:
StormWing0 commented on April 23, 2017, 7:13 p.m.

yay it's updated. :)

Wonder if there's ever going to be another map using the new stuff from this one? Like an island hopping one? :)

mustafa alperen commented on April 23, 2017, 7:31 p.m.

I'm not happy that none of my current maps have a proper place to use navy either. I may consider an isalnd map for a new map. I'll make a newmap eventually, but not sure when.

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