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Z Room Control
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This is a Z remake map with openra units

Main rules:

You can capture flags and receive the nearby buildings.
Flags will give you money like oilderricks, mainflags give 300$ the other ones 200$

You can build units in the buildings by clicking on them and each building got its own production queue.

You have a mainbase at start with wich you can only build defense structures ( no walls ) next to your captured flags and your conyard, if you set a defense structure it will last a while until the next one can be set in the same area.

No building here will need Power
No building here can be destroyed, expect of the mainbase wich's health is doubled and the service depot wich only can be destroyed by tanya or madtanks
You can only sell defenses here.

All defense structures wich already exsitist from the beginning can be captured by conquering the nearby flag, all new builded defenses can not be captured that way.

All Vehicles got a speedreduction, tanks are slowed down by 25% all other ones and the Light tank have a higher reduction, this is made to make it fit better to the original Z and prevent the game to end so fast.
There are 2 different fences wich will dissapear after a while. they will open rooms next to your starting place, the 1st one will open the room to your radar and the 2nd will release your Tech center and iron curtain or chronosphere.

All the buildings next to your startingplace will be created for your chosen faction, in the middle there will be 3 war factorys of a random faction.
Open slots in the gamelobby will be occupied by a neutral player of a random faction so there will be buildings of this faction then.

MCV and oretrucks can not be build

The default setting of this map is "Normal" in lobby option so it will follow the rules of an Interior map wich means: no aircraft, no GPS, no Nuke

You can also choose "With nuke" wich will create a nuke silo for the middle flag wich will be ready in half the time of the standard ra nuke.

If difficulty is set to "Xtra mode" there will also be the nuke and you will get tank reinforcements ( a random tank each up to 60 seconds ) if you capture the middle flag and Infantry reinforcements ( a random infantry each up to 30 seconds ) if you capture one of the other 2 middle flags.

Naval ai is turned off
starting units are turned off (locked)
crates are turned off (locked)
short game is enabled (locked)
Strating cash here is 0 (locked)

You will beat a player if you capture all his flags and destroy his mainbase.

Minor rules:

The playerslots are forced to the spawnpoints in the gamelobby.

The game will start after a short starting sequence.

There will be scientists wich are working on the computers, they are non combatants .

There will be 4 fields of randomly created boxes barrels and ammo boxes between the players, all of the 4 fields will have the same sice and a flag in the middle.

The ai is programmed to capture flags, Rush ai is the strongest, normal ai is medium and turtle ai the weakest one. (This is my personal feeling about the strength of the ai)

You can play this as teamgame, ffa or 1on1

I recommend you to test this game with ai, it is fun to play against him and you can try out how to play it.

(Winner of the Map Design Contest 2017 by NoobMapMaker)

+Updated for release

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